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pinkxcrew's Journal

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Pink X Crew is a Straight Edge Crew consisting of all girls in Tucson, AZ. The crew was founded somewhere around the 15th of May. First offical X up in our pink sharpies was at the American Nightmare show on the 19th of May. Our existing members include xEricax xaetherx, xLilyx xbloodyxtearsx, xKristinx xfangirlx, and xBeccax xlilredstarx. Thank you Sharpie for starting it all the day you made a pink marker!

This community is open to all who support straight edge girls in the hardcore scene. This is not just open to girls, but to guys who are manly enough to join.

X Marks The Spot

18 visions, 25 ta life, 520 crew, 7 angels 7 plauges, afi, alkaline trio, american nightmare, bagel bites, bandanas, bane, ben and jerrys, bleeding through, blink 182, boobs, botch, boy sets fire, breakdowns, breathe in, brothers keeper, california, cave in, coalesce, comin' correct, converge, curl up and die, dead milkmen, death for every sin, dillenger escape plan, disembodied, donnie darko, elseworth dragon, emily, emo, equal vision, esoteric, evergreen terrace, fall from grace, fall silent, far less picturesque, figure four, finer truth, friends, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, gauges, glasseater, glassjaw, go!, good clean fun, good times, grade, green day, h2o, hardcore, hardcore pride, hello kitty, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, kill your idols, liz, martyr ad, minor threat, minus the bear, molly, most precious blood, movies, no knife, nofx, nora, norma jean, pennywise, philosophy, phoenix, piebald, piercings, pink, playing enemy, point of recognition, poison the well, prayer for cleansing, punk, purple, pxc, rancid, reach the sky, reading, relative ash, respect, revelation, shai hulud, sharpies, shows, skare tactic, sky came falling, soy, stars, stephen brodski, straightedge, stretch arm strong, sxe, tattoos, texas, the get up kids, the mighty mighty bosstones, this day forward, throwdown, thusday, time in malta, trustkill, tsunami bomb, tucson, unearth, unity, vegas, vegetarianism, video games, weezer, where eagles dare, x'ing up, xalishax, xbeccax, xdisciple adx, xericax, xhousex, xkristinx, xlilyx, xxx, zao